Journeys Past

Here we share stories and pics of past Jewel of the Sea Adventures. Feel free to share yours and find them here!



Author: Julianne 
Grenadines 2012: We had never met Mark's new squeeze. Breaking our policy of never taking crew who we have not met, we allowed him to bring her.
 She is told to read the blog, where we make clear that one is to  leave the  jewels at home. And of course, no hard sided luggage. The trip begins. We await Mark and his companion's arrival at the ferry dock in St. Georges, Grenada. There they are! And what's that...??  No way. It cannot be. She emerges from the ferry dragging a full sized suitcase on wheels. And as she draws near, I see diamond baubles and  her arm laden with gold and silver bracelets from wrist to elbow.

Karma, however, would prevail. On the last day, she drops a 1 carat diamond earring into the bilge, unsalvageable, and demands that Mark not tell me. But I find out, and as I leave the charter office, I stop by to inform the cleaning crew. "No, I do not want it back", I respond when they graciously offer to look further. "Happy Hunting",  I tell them.

 Captain Jewel and Mark navigate the BVI's

The Legend of Todd Wald

Author: Julianne
Jost Van Dyke, BVI: 2008:  Mark corralled a local taxi-owner  islander  on this tiny volcano mountain peak enclave in the Virgin Islands, bribing "Steve"  to give us a tour of his island even though he was ending his day. Mark sat shotgun with Steve while the rest of us crammed into the crannies at the back of the old rickety Jeep Cherokee. As we wound our way up the steep mountainous terrain toward the peak, Joe yells to the front over the din of the reggae blaring on the car speakers: "Hey,Mark  ask   Steve who is this band is we are listening to? "  Steve turns to Mark: "tell dem its todd wald". Mark cranes his neck to yell to us.  "Its todd wald".  "No mon", Steve corrects him, "todd wald, mon, todd wald".   Mark again yelling to us:  " Like I said, its some guy named Todd Wald". Now Steve is really exasperated, and I can hear the exchange clearly. "Mon, you are not hearin' me. Listen to me mon. Taaaaahd Waaaaald."  It's all clear to me now. "Mark, you idiot. He is telling you it's Third World".
Every trip since, we burn Mark a reggae CD, and we label it "The Best of Todd Wald"