About this Blog

We decided it was time to sail. Really sail. The kind of sailing where we were fully committed; where cruising  became  our life. We had run out of patience for the grind and retired.  For many years , we had bareboat cruised...basically renting boats along the way. But we have always wanted to live on a sailboat; to truly test our mettle. We decided to embark on an extended journey in the West Indies, renting boats along the way and looking for our permanent boat. We knew that sailing in the open ocean takes endless planning, and it can be dangerous if you do not respect it.

We hope our many years as occasional sailors have prepared us. In the  posts that follow, we will take you along for the journey as we get to know ourselves amidst the  vast oceans. Feel free to follow us by simply clicking "follow" on the right side.

Off we go, into the Wild Blue Yonder.  Join us for the ride.

  Joe and Jul'