Eden Redux

At the south end of the Leewards there is an island of such great wealth, it  mesmerizes you  to the point of paralysis; it takes hold of you and will not let go. Its wealth  is not in gold; it is in green. Dominica (‘dom-en-ICA’) is known as the nature island. It is said that if Colombus returned today, this would be the only island he would recognize as it has remained unsullied since he first pulled into what is now Prince Rupert Bay in 1493, and where we are now anchored. There is nothing to do on this island but to experience its beauty: endless rainforests, cascading waterfalls, hot springs, tiny towns tucked into valleys between volcanic peaks, fresh water rivers running through vistas that take your breath away, gorgeous  beaches upon which human feet rarely trod. I have not been to Hawaii, but I imagine this place would give it a good run for its money. Our sail here was long and  the winds cooperated, but  after a mishap with a shredded jib, we were glad to make landfall. Once we realized what we had found, we knew this is where we will be keeping our anchor planted for a long time. In the posts to follow, I will share some history and our experiences. For now, I share some of the sights.
Julianne  January 30th, 2017

The Calibishie coast

The town of Trafalgar
Joe at Milton falls in Syndicate Park

The formations at Red Rocks